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About the BF Design Studio Team

  • Heath R. Blair, Owner

    Heath R. Blair - Owner

    With his love of online business development and a unique talent for taking a client's business goals and objectives off the drawing board and into reality, Heath truly values being able to help his clients through strategic and creative solutions. Our resident programming expert. I <3 SEO moz    BF Design Studio on Twitter
  • Sha Menz, Director of Marketing

    Sha Menz - Director of Marketing & SEOMoz Contributor

    Sha's empirical approach to search marketing, backed by a strong theoretical understanding yields powerful results for our clients. Sha is responsible for our content development writing strategy. A former newspaper journalist and editor as well as a radio copywriter for over 20 years Sha has the experience, knowledge and skills required. I <3 SEO moz    BF Design Studio on Twitter    Sha Menz on LinkedIn    Little MisSpeller on Tumblr
  • Don Ouellette

    Don Ouellette - Regional Manager of Business Development

    Don has a solid background in Trucking, Warehousing and Logistics software. He has a solid technical vision and a passion for helping clients make good solid business decisions. He strongly believes that every business needs a robust online presence and works with each client to help project their business ethos through their website.
  • Dan Harvey

    Dan Harvey - Web Designer/ Videographer

    With a Bachelor of Fine Arts and 10 years experience in broadcast video production, Dan has the creative experience necessary to bring your projects to life. He enjoys the flexibility and creative possibilities of working with the latest web technologies, combining his artistic and programming skills to produce outstanding results for his clients.
  • Irfan Saleem

    Irfan Saleem - Senior Graphic Designer

    Irfan is an experienced designer with a natural ability to work in a variety of styles and media. A graduate of   H U N E R K A D A - College of Visual & Performing Arts, Irfan brings 9 years of experience in graphic design, flash programming and web development. His skill in fulfilling our clients vision of their finished product is testament to this wealth of experience.

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Your Dazzling Website

Whether your website requires e-commerce functionality, eye-catching animation, high-volume information management, or your needs are completely different, BF Design Studio can help. Our specialized team of designers, programmers, and marketing specialists, each an expert in his or her own field, will handle your web site development project from start to finish. From design to development, from coding to marketing, our work is custom built to your requirements.

Our commitment to building close relationships with clients and our ability to custom design our services have earned us trust in the professional web design community. When it comes to professional website design, we provide answers to questions that you haven't thought to ask and provide constant updates so that you have a full understanding of the phases of your project.

We treat each and every project with the attention you expect from a professional team. From enhancing the usability of a website to creating better marketing or brand presentation.

web design industry knowledge

Industry Knowledge we like to share with our customers

We would like to take some time to share with you some basic knowledge which will help you to better understand how the internet works. This will enable you to understand why investing in a dynamic web design with strong content will help you to develop your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the number of visitors (organic traffic) to a web site, by ranking high in the search results of a search engine on a given search term. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that site will be visited by a user. Because a smaller percentage of Internet users click through multiple pages of search results, it is essential that a site ranks higher in a search in order to direct more traffic toward the site. The inclusion of search engine optimization (SEO) in from the commencement of your project helps to ensure that your website is easily accessible search engines. This improves the probability that the site will be indexed by the search engine.

For commercial website design, the main objective is to sell a product, service or concept. In order to achieve this objective, your website must be an effective advertising and marketing tool for your company. To that end, we will ensure that the site we create is search engine friendly, increasing the potential for it to appear as high as possible in search results.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic

Web traffic which comes from unpaid listing at search engines or directories is commonly known as "organic" traffic. Organic traffic can be generated or increased by including the web site in directories (such as Yahoo! and DMOZ), search engines (such as Google and Windows Live Search), guides (such as yellow pages and restaurant guides) and award sites.

what is pay per click?

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is an advertising technique used on websites, advertising networks, and search engines.

With search engines, pay per click advertisements are usually text ads placed near search results; when a site visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged a small amount. Variants include pay for placement and pay for ranking. Pay per click is also sometimes known as Cost Per Click (CPC). While many companies exist in this space, Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, which was formerly Overture, are the largest network operators and have been since 2006. MSN has started beta testing with their own PPC services MSN adCenter. Depending on the search engine, minimum prices per click start at US$0.01 (up to US$0.50). Very popular search terms can cost much more on popular engines. Abuse of the pay per click model can result in click fraud.*

*Courtesy of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SEO Web Design vs. Pay Per Click

SEO, search engine optimization is accomplished by optimizing web pages by acquiring links that direct traffic to your web site thereby increasing the page rank for your web pages. These links are critical to achieving high rankings at the Search Engines for your chosen search terms.

With pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising you are buying visitors, (clicks) from a search engine (or PPCSE). Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising allows you to quickly get top search engine placement by bidding (paying) for keywords related to your product or service.