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SEOmoz Does Inbound Marketing at Mozcon 2012 – Why I Have to be there

Earlier this week I read a post by Mike King that took me back to a few days last July when the full force of the SEOmoz community revealed itself to me via Twitter. They were a mind blowing few days, even from 8329 miles away!

It may seem weird to say this (I think my weirdness is pretty much acknowledged already, so I’ll say it anyway), but even just monitoring the hashtag #Mozcon from the other side of the world, there were so many moments that touched me during that few days.

Some were things that stopped me in my tracks and then moved me to laughter, like this  “Sitting in a room listening to @avinash is so full of awesome it’s like Jesus just rode into the room riding a T-Rex #mozcon ” from @GregGifford.

Some made me envious, like checking the Mozcon photo albums on Facebook and seeing all those lucky people posing for photos with the mighty Roger Mozbot – for whom I had already developed a massive crush!

Lots of Mozcon attendees had their photo taken with Roger Mozbot - Photos courtesy Rudy Lopez

Whether walking through the foyer, exposing his softer side (is that Greg Gifford again?!) or offering solace from the ravages of Robot kisses (aawww, that Gianluca is so sweet), the photo shoots with Roger were hard to take from all the way over here ;) . I hope Rudy Lopez will be on hand to shoot Mozcon 2012 as well.

Some taught me simple lessons that I have  applied a thousand times since to help my clients, like this tweet by John Doherty from David Mihm’s presentation on Local Search.

John Doherty tweeted this Local Search gem from David Mihm

Some had me glued to Twitter waiting for an outcome, like the nail biting head-to-head between Will Critchlow & Rand Fishkin.

Will Critchlow vs Rand Fishkin at Mozcon 2011

Some literally moved me to tears, like the moment I discovered exactly why the awesome Jen Sable Lopez was not at Mozcon.

It was right around the moment when John Doherty temporarily went missing from Twitter for crossing the rapid fire tweet threshold during a particularly outstanding session, that I decided I needed to be at Mozcon 2012. Exactly how to find around $6K to make it happen in peak season was a complete mystery at that point (and is still only about half taken care of), but I made a promise to myself that the long planned 2012 visit to the USA will happen in July.

So I’ve literally been counting the days for a very long time and when the news broke at SEOmoz a month or so ago that this year’s dates are now set in concrete, things suddenly got real. So real, I decided it was time to let everyone know how little time there is to get ready for the event… but how to do that?

Yes, that’s it! We need a Mozcon Countdown Clock!

So here it is. If you’re planning to be at Mozcon (even if you’re not), feel free to grab the code below and add the counter to your site. To get your tickets to Mozcon, just click Register at the top of the image or go straight to the signup page at SEOmoz.

Get the code:

If you’re already a part of the SEOmoz community, I’m really hoping you’ll make it to Seattle for Mozcon too.

I have a plan or two for making my own little mark on the 2012 event and there are a couple of IOU’s I’m due to take care of at the Bar. I’ll also be on the lookout for those of you that I catch up with regularly on Twitter, in the Blogs or Q&A. If you’re wondering how best to find me amongst the hundreds of people there, just follow the smell of freshly baked cookies ;)

I have to agree with Mike King when he says that Mozcon 2011 changed things for him in a lot of ways – it did for me too. Perhaps for me the changes were not as tangible, but still they have had a huge effect on my life since, and set me on this unwavering course for the next big adventure in my life…only 165 1 Day to Go!

I’ll see you in Seattle for Mozcon 2012!


Post Script:  If you’ve read this far and you don’t really know anything about SEOmoz, you might like to visit their site and check out their SEO Software and the outstanding inbound marketing community they have built there.

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