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Online Reviews Killing Your Business?

Even Offline Businesses Need Online Reviews

If you are trying to compete in the local search space and aren’t paying attention to online reviews, then you’re not even close to being in the game!

Whatever your product or service, the flow-on effect of every customer experience has the potential to make or break your business! In days gone by, an unhappy customer here or there might have been easy to ignore. After all, they actually had to come in contact with each other to tell someone that your business sucks, right? Right, almost.

Well times have changed, the internet is here and telling the whole world that you suck is as easy as typing and clicking! Online reviews are now a huge influence for potential customers and for search engines.

So you’re thinking “well I’m OK, I have no reviews, so everybody knows my business doesn’t suck, right?” Wrong. You actually need those good reviews just as desperately as you need to avoid the bad ones!

Even if you don’t sell things on your website, (even if you don’t have a website!) people can and will write reviews about your business online. With more and more offline purchases being driven by online research, you need to be paying attention to attracting and managing customer reviews!

Doing the Math on Customer Reviews

As a business owner, there’s one thing you want to see before you make a decision what to do for your business – the Math. So, to get a feel for the numbers and see what online reviews mean for your business, take a look at the Infographic below and be sure to share it with your business partners and staff…

Online Reviews and your business
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  1. Very useful tips and I like the infographic!

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